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Domino Theatre

An independent, local thriller shooting in Napanee and Kingston is seeking an actress with a specific look and character style.

Basic synopsis:

A group of friends team up to conduct an investigative study of a homeless woman. Their intention is to learn her perspective, through a series of interviews. The team is at first bemused that her reality is so tenuous, and are unprepared for the sheer will and sophistication she uses to entangle each of them into her story.

The remaining scenes take place in an outdoor setting where the characters are tricked and manipulated to betray one another and to serve the subject's delusion—forever.

Physical characteristics:

  • Caucasian
  • Thin body type
  • Height 5' 7" ish
  • Age: 27-ish
  • Athletic ability (she'll be swinging a sickle at tangled vines and creatures in a forest environment)

We need a committed, serious actress who can emote a sense of conflict/sensitivity while simultaneously performing physical tasks, like filling a gas tank and fighting off creatures.

Payment is 100.00 per day. All expenses paid. Transportation can be provided from Kingston.

Below are a couple of images to show the basic look of the character and production. Script and storyboard available if anyone is interested.

For information contact Erik Fraser,